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《​路人崇拜 about a stalker》歌詞繪本 (2018)

PEACE • About a Stalker

CD + Lyrics Zine

Comes with: Chinese and English bilingual Lyrics, illustrations of 5-year-old artist 17ping, creation drafts, poetry and endless murmurs in 93 black and white and colour pages.

Concept Album on our multifaceted life on and offline, within(out) our tiny pity cell phones.

" your feeds feed me alright. "

1. about a stalker 06:15
2. It fizzles out 04:06
3. i wanna be anyone else but me 04:41
4. warm somewhere 06:24
5. Is that okay to feel it but do not show 01:16
6. the core; the cure 05:23
7. internet romance 05:12
8. #howmuchlovecanyoufake 03:07
9. disposable lover 05:32
10. sleepless 03:33

" Intimate, atmospheric record that feels like a diary kept away from prying eyes, read by a voice almost ashamed to be heard … " by Internet user bcccl

" Peace Wong depicted a prism-like sound that refract a trilingual soul drowning in the hyperreality of 21st century ... " by Internet user cat_cat

Published by Day's Eye Records.

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