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an audio mix that includes 3 of my original songs, check the interview with Cone Shape Top below:

First Impressions Podcast episode with Peter Humphreys:

We talked about creating, the self-imposed guilt of not doing so, the perks of which and the boredom you get sometimes with yourself. We miss the coffee time at office. We shared our literary moms and dads. I tried defending my displaced frankness. was apparently very/too proud of my room and the view outside. awkward laughters and silence embedded. You’ve been warned.

《幻電木魚 Phantom Muyu》

15‘ 45” | 16:9 | 2020 | HD digital Location : Hong Kong, Taiwan 香港、臺灣 Selected category: [4] ON-SITE DOCUMENTATION 「留住一瞬即逝的」

our virtual exile🎂


wrote 4 poems and read them aloud. some lines muted and to be processed in ur own cute mind. link in bio to watch the short film.





tks #平地數碼 for their juror’s special mention @floatingprojects

Click to watch and listen online:

翁子康 / 王鎮海 / 王和平 15‘ 45” | 16:9 | 2020 | HD digital

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