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藍寶石靈魂 sapphic soul (2023)



王和平作品《藍寶石靈魂 sapphic soul》誕生於2023年夏天一次機器翻譯錯誤,自此一顆藍寶石(Sapphire)憑空降落於她人生。

攜同公元前630年希臘女詩人莎芙(Sappho)、正值14歲到30歲以日記體來重生的蘇珊・桑塔格(Susan Sontag)、加拿大小說家西納・赫迪(Sheila Heti)、詩人小說家王鷗行(Ocean Vuong)、觀世音菩薩(अवलोकितेश्वर)、空行母(Ḍākinī)以至耶穌基督(ישוע),王和平與眾翡翠之魂連線,展開一場超時空、超語言、超性別以及超物種的心靈相通派對。

聞說 “Some people come into your life for a season, for a reason, or for a lifetime”,但她想進行 “Every second is eternal” 的辯證,企圖取消以上至少兩個選項──秒秒皆永恆,過路人,即起碼一生。




❍〈聽得見的藍寶石 audible sapphic soul〉聲音檔 x 1
❍〈藍寶石電子宣言 sapphire e-manifesto〉電子檔 x 1
❍〈摸得到的藍寶石 corporeal sapphire〉萬物皆有靈那麼塑膠藍寶石也有嗎 x 1

Sapphic Soul

“Could I be a sapphire?”

In the summer of 2023, Peace Wong's latest zine publication, sapphic soul, was born out of an unexpected twist — a translation error occurred in a split sec., bringing forth a sapphire gem that would eternally revolutionize her life.

Joined by a captivating ensemble of luminaries, including the ancient Greek poet Sappho of 630 BC, the introspective and prolific diariest Susan Sontag who experienced rebirth through diary entries between the ages of 14 and 30, the Canadian novelist Sheila Heti, the poet and novelist Ocean Vuong, accompanied by Guanyin Bodhisattva (अवलोकितेश्वर), Dakini (Ḍākinī), and even Jesus Christ (ישוע), Peace Wong embarked on a transcendent, multilingual, gender-fluid and cross-species journey that defied the bounds of time and space — an incorporeal party of telepathy that invites you to join in, right now.

As the cliche goes, “Some people come into your life for a season, for a reason, or for a lifetime”, Peace wants to refute with the argument that “every second is eternal”, thus negating at least two of the options above — if every second is eternal, then every passer-by, remains, at least, for a lifetime.


Accompanied by the zine, you will find:
❍ “Audible Sapphic Soul” WAV x 1
❍ “Sapphire E-Manifesto”PNG x 1
❍ “Corporeal Sapphire: Do Plastic Sapphires Have a Soul?”x 1

Book details:

Pages: 40
Book Size: 14.8 cm × 21 cm
Language: English & Chinese
Binding: Singer Sewn Binding
Printing: Colour Printing
Cover: White Mirror Gloss Coated Paper, including a Clear Book Cover
Pages: Appollo Gloss Coated Art Paper
and Tracing Paper
Print Run: First Edition of 100
Birth Date: September, 2023


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