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about a stalker (2018)

"your feeds feed me alright."


Concept Album on our multifaceted life on and offline, within(out) our tiny pity cellphones.


Intimate monologues from a distant onlooker, stalker, an avid observer at a distance humming to her microphone. On lovers’ gazes, hormone-driven swipes and desires. 10 songs: simply sick stalker’s stories.

1. about a stalker 06:15
2. 虎頭蛇尾 It
fizzles out 04:06
3. i wanna be anyone else but me 04:41
4. 溫暖的存在 warm somewhere 06:24
5. Is that okay to feel it but do not show 01:16
6. the core; the cure 05:23
7. 網路浪漫 internet romance 05:12
8. #howmuchlovecanyoufake 03:07
9. 暖完即棄 disposable lover 05:32
10. sleepless 03:33

……………… … …………………



I stalk the hell out of you.



專輯視覺由台北Fartist Duckcrow操刀。每盒卡帶另附數位下載,別冊以精美Songbook 詩集Zine現身,內含雙語歌詞、不忠實翻譯、幻象精靈17 平畫作、創作草圖等───延伸耳聽經驗。



about a stalker: i wanna be anyone else but me.


All songs written, performed, produced by P E A C E.

Mastered, co-produced by Eric M.Y. Chan.

Illustrated by 17ping.
Published by Day's Eye Records.



About a Stalker (Full Album)路人崇拜(全專輯)

Disposable Lover 暖完即棄

the core; the cure  中心;藥房

溫暖的存在 warm somewhere

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